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About me

I am Avesta 19 Years old, somtetimes I feel like I am well mature and that is fine but, I still have not figured what I am going to do with my life and my future and I never count that as an issue knowing I am not the only one.


Everything about soccer (playing, watching, video game)

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Soccer is Simple yet complex, Exciting yet boring, Beautiful yet Ugly, Satisfying yet Heartbreaking. But for me, in its purest and finest form, There are no words to describe soccer. That is why it is the most widely acknowledged and beloved sport ever.

Reading book

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Reading book is my favorite way of spending my free time, it is entartaining, educational and one other benifit is that it takes your attention off of your phone for a little while. The only downside is that after you finish the one you really love you feel upset.

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